Sleeklens Review

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Jane over at Sleeklens was kind enough to send me their Landscape Adventure Photoshop workflow in exchange for writing about it. I don’t use Photoshop actions very much. Honestly, I’ve only used presets a few times, I prefer to hand edit my images. Before I started, I watched the video on how to use the Landscape Adventure workflow. It does a good job of walking you through the process and has great examples of what the workflow can do for images.

I started with RAW files and edited them two ways, the first version I used the Sleeklens workflow and the second I edited the way I normally would. I used two separate landscape images that I have never edited or published and that are typical of my landscape style.

This first image was taken at Great Sand Dunes in 2011. I have published a similar image from the same location, but never this one.


Sleeklens editsweb

Sleeklens Edit

I used the Contrast action, then the Enhance Deep Blue Sky action at 30% opacity, and lastly I added the Dreamy Landscape action at 23% opacity.


My first impressions:

  • The first two actions enhanced the noise in the dark part of the clouds. The Dreamy Landscape action did blur that out a little so it’s not that big of a deal.
  • I’m not very fond of having to flatten the layers in order to apply additional actions. I would love to have the ability to go back and adjust and fine tune.

Next I edited the same RAW file the way I normally would. I prefer the image in this edit. Although, I don’t not like the Sleeklens edit.


Hand Edited

The second image was one I took this past March at White Sands National Monument.

White Sands Sleeklens Editsweb

Sleeklens Edit

I used the Specialty Dark Dreams action at 80% opacity.

Then I edited the same RAW file the way I normally would.


Hand Edited

The results are very similar in this image. The differences are so minor I don’t think that many people could pick them out.

Overall, I think that the Sleeklens workflow is pretty great. It would be great tool for a photographer who is just starting out or for someone who is not very familiar with photo editing. I will probably use the Sleeklens workflow again.


Flamenco & White Sands

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I LOVED everything about this shoot! Except maybe the triple digit temperature. The minimalist quality that these images have makes me very happy! I am having a hard time choosing which images are my favorite. 

This was a collaboration with Traci who is a flamenco dancer. She wanted portraits taken at White Sands and contacted me because of my experience in photographing the performing arts as well as my familiarity with the park. 

White Sands might be my favorite place on the planet. I love that when you go far enough into the dunes, past all the park visitors and footprints it becomes peaceful, otherworldly and inspiring. 

All the elements came together perfectly. The combination of her talent and suggestions combined with a little bit of artistic freedom on my part turned into something pretty great. 

Sunrise at White Sands

Fine Art

I was invited to a photography workshop at White Sands to offer some insight about the monument. I spent a year photographing the sands to push myself out of my photographic comfort zone and to force a change in my perspective. Some of my favorite images from that year are in my book. I met up with the group and we headed out in the dark. I took them to my favorite place in the park and we waited for the morning light to illuminate the sky. The park doesn’t open to the general public until well after sunrise so it was a real treat to be out there so early.