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Flamenco & White Sands

Landscape, Performance, Portraiture, travel

I LOVED everything about this shoot! Except maybe the triple digit temperature. The minimalist quality that these images have makes me very happy! I am having a hard time choosing which images are my favorite. 

This was a collaboration with Traci who is a flamenco dancer. She wanted portraits taken at White Sands and contacted me because of my experience in photographing the performing arts as well as my familiarity with the park. 

White Sands might be my favorite place on the planet. I love that when you go far enough into the dunes, past all the park visitors and footprints it becomes peaceful, otherworldly and inspiring. 

All the elements came together perfectly. The combination of her talent and suggestions combined with a little bit of artistic freedom on my part turned into something pretty great. 

Ripple Effect


I wouldn’t call myself an activist, but I do make my voice heard when it comes to something I feel strongly about. I was taught to take a stand and fight for what I believe in. So that’s what I do. 

Those who know me know that I’m generally pretty quiet. I don’t have a lot to say. Okay, I do, but I mostly keep it to myself. So sometimes the things I do say can be impactful. My Mission Statement says, in part “We are committed to using photographic images to positively impact the community.” I wholeheartedly believe in this. Not just with my photography, but in every area in my life. I strive everyday to have a positive impact. I fail at it, a lot. I’m only human. 

Today I received an email, something I did helped someone in a big way. I see this as confirmation that I did the right thing. The impact of most of the things we do cannot be measured. It is impossible to fully understand the effect that one action can have. I like to think that by helping one person, you help the world. It’s a ripple effect. Perhaps one day this person will go on to do something that will help another and so on. 


Coming Ashore


Out of the choked Devonian waters emerged sight and sound and the music that rolls invisible through the composer’s brain. They are there still in the ooze along the tideline, though no one notices. The world is fixed, we say: fish in the sea, birds in the air. But in the mangrove swamps by the Niger, fish climb trees and ogle uneasy naturalists who try unsuccessfully to chase them back to the water. There are things still coming ashore.
– Loren Eiseley