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Family & Fog


I photographed this family on Saturday, Thanksgiving weekend. They scheduled the shoot for that weekend because they were going to be together during the holiday. Our original location was going to be in the mountains. We wanted to capture the trees and fall foliage in the portraits. I kept checking the weather in the days leading up to the shoot hoping for good weather. Rain and uncomfortably cold meant that we had to go with a backup plan. We brainstormed new locations and settled on using a family members property in one of the canyons. On the morning of the shoot there was a blanket of fog covering the mountains. I was worried we would have to use a backup plan for our backup plan. The further I got into the canyon the foggier it got, but when I drove onto the property and saw how beautiful it was I decided that I had to make it work. I’m so happy with the portraits. I was so worried about the weather but in the end I think it worked out in our favor.