Over the Edge 


During our Canyon de Chelly trip we drove South Rim Drive and stopped at 6 of the 7 overlooks. The fifth overlook is Sliding House Overlook. When we approached the trail we saw this sign 

I’m a very anxious person so I immediately started imagining children and pets falling off the cliff. I fell off a cliff when I was a kid. Maybe I slid more than I actually fell, but in my mind it’s the same thing. I was hiking with my Dad and my siblings when my brother and I decided to see who could make it down the fastest. I’m usually up for a challenge. The next thing I knew I was falling. I beat him to the bottom, I won! I was unharmed except for emotional scars. Since then I have a fear of falling off cliffs or seeing my kids fall off cliffs. 

My son, Angel told me he wanted to take a photo where it looks like he is leaning over the edge with just the ground in the background. Ugh! I can understand this but it terrified me. I couldn’t stand him even being this close 

It looks like he is really close to the edge. He was a safe-ish distance away. I started having a panic attack seeing him near the edge so I had to go back to wait in the car. I trusted him that he wouldn’t put himself in danger. I was waiting in the car for what seemed like a long time. He finally came back with this photo 

I have a hard time looking at it. He was trying to tell me about taking the photo, but I couldn’t handle it. I scolded him. What if his shoe didn’t have enough traction? What if there was a strong gust of wind? What if he fell while I was waiting in the car? I’d have no idea and I would have to go looking for him. 

This is my idea of a great selfie. We are both safely on the ground nowhere near a 700 ft sheer cliff. 

We skipped overlook #6 because I was ready to see Spider Rock and also because I wanted to keep Angel away from the edge as much as possible. 

I love this kid. I admire his boldness, his independence, & his rebel spirit. Even when it scares me.