Sleeklens Review

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Jane over at Sleeklens was kind enough to send me their Landscape Adventure Photoshop workflow in exchange for writing about it. I don’t use Photoshop actions very much. Honestly, I’ve only used presets a few times, I prefer to hand edit my images. Before I started, I watched the video on how to use the Landscape Adventure workflow. It does a good job of walking you through the process and has great examples of what the workflow can do for images.

I started with RAW files and edited them two ways, the first version I used the Sleeklens workflow and the second I edited the way I normally would. I used two separate landscape images that I have never edited or published and that are typical of my landscape style.

This first image was taken at Great Sand Dunes in 2011. I have published a similar image from the same location, but never this one.


Sleeklens editsweb

Sleeklens Edit

I used the Contrast action, then the Enhance Deep Blue Sky action at 30% opacity, and lastly I added the Dreamy Landscape action at 23% opacity.


My first impressions:

  • The first two actions enhanced the noise in the dark part of the clouds. The Dreamy Landscape action did blur that out a little so it’s not that big of a deal.
  • I’m not very fond of having to flatten the layers in order to apply additional actions. I would love to have the ability to go back and adjust and fine tune.

Next I edited the same RAW file the way I normally would. I prefer the image in this edit. Although, I don’t not like the Sleeklens edit.


Hand Edited

The second image was one I took this past March at White Sands National Monument.

White Sands Sleeklens Editsweb

Sleeklens Edit

I used the Specialty Dark Dreams action at 80% opacity.

Then I edited the same RAW file the way I normally would.


Hand Edited

The results are very similar in this image. The differences are so minor I don’t think that many people could pick them out.

Overall, I think that the Sleeklens workflow is pretty great. It would be great tool for a photographer who is just starting out or for someone who is not very familiar with photo editing. I will probably use the Sleeklens workflow again.




I legally changed my name. There was nothing wrong with the old one. I feel like the new one just fits better and it makes me happy. I have a gypsy soul and I thrive on change. I blame my restlessness on being a military brat. I’ve been wanting to change my name for a long time but I could never settle on one that felt right. Plus there’s the hassle of changing everything, drivers license, social security, etc. my business is also named Rachel Telles! So I knew it was going to be a challenge but I’m not one to shy away from doing something just because it’s complicated. So I went for it. 

My new name is Lucie Raine. I chose it because Lucie means light and Raine means queen. I can’t think of a better name for a fresh start than one that means light queen. It doesn’t hurt that my passion is capturing light (photography) but that wasn’t the primary reason for the change. I like to think of it as an evolution. I’m always striving to be better, to learn more, to transform into the best version of myself. 

I will be leaving this website up for now. It will go away eventually. I have a new website and blog so I will be posting there from now on. Please check it out and follow my blog there.