iPhone, Landscape

 I almost love this shot. I loved the way the rocks fanned out into the gulf and the way the vibrant green moss complimented the color of the water. I was using my iPhone to take some snapshots that I could easily edit on the go but it was a bright day which made it difficult to see the screen. I didn’t put much effort into getting this image because the composition felt awkward for me so I moved on to other things. I never even gave this a second look until today. Looking it now, it no longer feels awkward. I can see the potential it has to be a great image. My mistake was in cutting off the edge of the big rock in the foreground. It’s distracting for me. I can’t get past that to enjoy the rest of the image. The next time I won’t allow my doubts to get the best of me and I will go with my instinct and take more time to set up my composition.  


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