Owl Feet 


I’m not sure you can tell how big these talons are from the photo but they were massive. I’m still really sad about this owl. (I’m pretty sure it’s a great horned owl) 

Some people are offended because I photograph dead birds. It’s coming from a place of respect. These birds mattered. Their lives had meaning. That’s what the photos are about for me.  


2 thoughts on “Owl Feet 

  1. Hello, Rachel Telles. I found your blog through Strata of the Self today. I also photograph dead birds and other animals with the same purpose as yours, though I haven’t posted any on my blog. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who does this, and these photos of the owl are very nice. Thank you for taking them and telling people why you did.

    1. I put some in a book that I published. I was reluctant but put them in anyway. I find that people with love them or are repulsed by them. Either way they are feeling an emotion because of it and that’s all I could ever want.

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